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Holiday in Pamporovo : The Perfect Summer Destination

Although Pamporovo Bulgaria is known for its picturesque ski slopes and breathtaking views, the region is also a perfect summer holiday destination. When the Pamporovo snows have melted and gone, the mountains are left with the freshness of spring.  As spring’s new growth becomes established and the sun shines brighter, you know that summer has arrived. The peacefulness, broken only by the warm breeze in the trees, the birds singing and insects buzzing is hypnotising. The view is breathtaking and…

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Experience the Glorious Rhodope Mountain Summer!

The Glorious Rhodope Mountain summer appeals to all the senses…  What’s more, the village of Stoikite benefits greatly from its location in this region. Its vast territory offers options for diverse experiences not only in winter but in the summer as well. The region boasts high summits, canyons, meadows and caves, offering excellent conditions for mountain biking, climbing, hiking and caving in the summer months. There are biking routes that vary in difficulty from a relaxing pace to a full…

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Nightlife in Pamporovo: Check it out!

Enjoy a vibrant nightlife in beautiful Pamporovo Pamporovo, being among the most popular Bulgarian winter resorts, offers an enjoyable nightlife to mountain lovers. After you have finished your skiing session for the day, relax for a couple of hours and dive into a nightlife experience you will not forget! We would suggest you begin with a nice dinner at the Gloria Mar Restaurant in the VIP Residence, Pamporovo. There you can enjoy first class style, good quality food and excellent…

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Compare Stoikite House to an average ski holiday package

Why cram your family into one room when you can have a stylish 2 bedroom apartment for less than a package holiday? You don’t have to compromise on quality to have an affordable ski holiday. In fact we can give you, your family and friends a better option than a package holiday which generally offers airfare, a hotel room with half board, ski rental/school and lift passes.  Compare us to this ski holiday package: Based on an average Ski Holiday…

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Stoikite House: Something Special in the Rhodope Mountains

” Wow! It is lovely!” … …is what people tell me when they see Stoikite House sitting up high and proud in the heart of Stoikite Village. “What made you choose Bulgaria and why Stoikite, Pamporovo in the Rhodope Mountains”? Ever since I was a small boy, I dreamt of creating something special.  Perhaps I looked at buildings differently than other kids my age, wondering, “Who built them and who decided what they would look like?” Then I began to…

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Welcome. We are Stoikite House, Pamporovo Resort, Bulgaria

Hello and welcome to our website! Why It is simple, really. Stoikite House is number 55 on the street and ‘hugs’ stands for ‘Happy Unforgettable Great Stays’. …And hugs are warm and cosy, which is how we like to think our website and our apartments will make people feel. Besides, it just makes us smile. We think we have created an interesting site to ‘visit’ which reflects the real thing: Our beautiful Stoikite House, a lovely new building nestled…

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